Do you think this painting looks like a nice piece of art?

Actually, this is a very serious picture.

This Warming Stripes are data visualization graphics that use a series of coloured stripes chronologically ordered to visually portray long-term temperature trends.

This progression from blue(cooler) to red(warmer) stripes portrays the long-term increase of average global temperature from 1850(left side of graphic) to 2021(right side of graphic).


OHMYEARTH(OME) is an Action-taker to fight against global warming.

With our slogan, 'Anti-global warming', we would like to be the leader of 'Anti-global warming campaign brand'.


But don't worry.


We are not trying to place you under a social obligation while discussing environment issues with you.

Our essential purpose is to help people naturally understand the outcome of the climate change and be part of the movement through our contents which people can experience from various channels.

This is to let children and adults act themselves in their places by letting them empathizing together.


This is

the Earth Thermometer



환경 오염


We believes the power of the "OME", an motivated public taking a climate action. Climate change is one of the greatest challenges human have ever faced. COOLING OUR EARTH reminds us of the opportunities that lay ahead.

There is no planet B.

A healthy planet is not an option - it is a necessity.

We hope that our contents will help people realize the seriousness of global warming.



We try to spread to various types of environmental contents through media, publications, animations, and the like by utilizing our own IP.

We use these multiple channels, but we seek just one purpose.

It is to remind you that climate action is the only positive action you can take.


We gather people who fight against global warming.

We believe in their influence and dream of a sustainable planet with them.

We gather people who fight against global warming.

We believe in their influence and dream of a sustainable planet with them.

We run an Intellectual Property(IP) business such as characters, senarios, etc.
We produce publications and short form contents using our IP and spead them through multiple channels.
With our partners, we produce eco-friendly biodegradable products.
We manufacture and distribute 100% biodegradable paper cups, paper filing materials, and paper carton sealing tape.
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Space for slow Earth's pace

We operate a less-waste space designed with only the environment in mind.

Eco-friendly biodegradable paper cups, ice cups made of PLA material extracted from corn starch and paper furniture made of waste paper ...

We share eco-friendliness with more people and pursue coexistence with nature.

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We hold exhibitions such as collaborations with creators

who work on the theme of the environment.

We inform more people about the crisis of global warming.